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Ok, so I'm back at, the site was down for a long while, but now its back. During the down time, we lost the database, and the old source, so we're going to leave this stale old page up until we get things back together.


Diversi-Dial was written by Diversified Sofware Research in 1985. It runs on an Apple //e, and were used in the chicago area for over 13 years.

In the 80s and 90s Chicago had several DDials, but after time, they disappeared for various reasons. In 1998 the last two DDials, God's Country and Point Zer0, were taken down. As the chat community evolved, a few newer systems were developed here in Chicago, none ever gained the popularity of DDial. Most Recently, with the popularity of the Internet, DDials and DDialers have moved into a larger world.

As a DDialer myself, I realized that our community sometimes looses track of its members, and so I star ted the Chicago DDialer User List. I've also included some of the offical DDial documentation to aide DDialers, new and old to understand the cryptic command set of DDial.

Chicago D-Dials today...

This section use to contain information about all of the D-Dials still running in the Chicago-land area. I suspose in its own way it still does.

...and Yesterday

Ascii Express Barracks Black Magic Bunker
Cloud 9 Coffee Break Cross Talk God's Country
Grand Illusion Jokertown Kaleidoscope Kink Heaven
Lime Light Magic Mirror Paradise Point Zer0
Psycho Ward Spinnakers Pub Twilight Zone Utopia
Vortex White Zone
Items in italics actually ran software called Online for the Commodore 64, but had the same feel as D-Dial.

Other Chat Software

This is some of the chat software developed by members of the Chicagoland chat community
XLink GTalk MiniChat DoobieDial TinyChat
To add to this list email

DDials and the Internet

ENTchat is a Client/Server chat program that looks and acts much like the original DDial. You'll need a DDial client to use ENTchat. If your browser supports Java you can reach ENTchat through JavaDial. ENT also maintains The Offical DDial Website.

GTalk, Originally a DOS based Dialup system, has become a feature rich, "teleconferencing package will full email and message base capabilities." There is an informative sight about GTalk at This sight contains information about GTalk as well as the GTalk source code. Nuclear Greenhouse, the original GTalk can be reached at 4000

TinyChat was written by users of MiniChat, which was the internet sucessor to the God's Country DDial. There is a website for TinyChat hosted at and most importantly TinyChat can be reached at 5281.

I have compiled a list of DDialers from the Chicago area. The list is a work in progress, so its constantly being updated, to be added to the list email


Picture Pages, Picture Pages...

This is the original Point After collection from the early 1990's.
It has begun. The Chicago area D-Dial pictrure gallery.

New pictures submissions can be sent to

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